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 Sample Canon Application

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Zaya Orihara
Zaya Orihara

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Sample Canon Application Empty
PostSubject: Sample Canon Application   Sample Canon Application EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 1:26 pm

Here is a sample canon application I made myself. Your canon apps should be just as thorough, if not more so, than this.

Quote :
Canon you're applying for:
I am applying for Kanra/Zaya Orihara.

Physical description of the character:
Kanra is a near, exact identical twin to Izaya. Her eyes are the same crimson shade, though more feminine in shape, and alight to her emotions just like her brother's. Her hair is black, worn in a slightly unkempt style. The fronts of her hair are styled shortly, cropping her head and neck, while going further back, her hair lengthens just past her shoulders. Her physique is thin, a bit fragile looking, but maintains a flexible and lean nature. Her feminine features exist, though they aren't as prominent as she might like them to be. All in all, if she cut her hair short, telling her apart from Izaya would be an impossible task.

Although, her usual attire does have its differences from Izaya. She wears a longer black jacket, lined with its tan plumes of fur. Underneath, she wears a loose fitting, black v-neck top, with red lattice ties around the collar. Her top is often accompanied with a pair of short, black shorts with loose red belt worn atop. Her footwear consists of either black knee-high or tall fishnet stockings and some style of boots, depending on her sense of style at a particular time.

As far as accessories go, a flick-blade and throwing knives is enough for her. But she has also been known to occasionally carry around a katana with her, a habit some believe she may have picked up from her cousin Roppi.

Personal description of the character:
Kanra's personality, unlike her appearance, differs drastically from Izaya's. While on the outside she may appear the same cocky and annoying, information-slipping flea, inside she bottles up many of her true emotions as countless girls often do. Being female, her emotions can get more intense than those of her brothers. She hides her protective side most of all, having a strong attraction to her family members. She is hyper, though not as hyper as Psyche, and has a cheerful, carefree nature as well. It is underneath everything but her protective nature that Kanra hides her dangerously manipulative nature. If she revealed this to her family, they would find her to be even more dangerous than Izaya. She is the kind of person that would go too far into the underground world to get what she wanted, and she is not afraid to use force of her own to achieve her goals. Because of this, she can be an independent sort of girl, wandering Ikebukuro alone instead of by her brother's side.

Kanra's strong manipulative nature has gotten her into a lot of trouble. This is clearly visible by one thing... her ridiculous hospital record. Guns, knives, fist fights - you name it, she's probably dealt with it. She is a bit prideful and does not like running away from her fights. She has the parkour skills and martial arts ability to deal with most of the trouble she comes upon, though other times, it is just not enough.

Her hobbies are the same Izaya's. Human Observation. She loves it - maybe too much. She has used her more dangerous nature to create "games" with her lovely humans, which she states even her dearest brother is a part of. The only human she will not accept in her games is Shizuko Heiwajima. The female twin of the monster Shizu-chan. Her level of disgust regarding Shizuko far exceeds that which is seen between Izaya and Shizuo, and Shizuko could say the same.

❝ I'm always getting better! Every damn time I fight you, every damn time I fight some other scum! And soon enough, you'll be good as dead, Zaya Orihara. ❞
                                                    -- Shizuko Heiwajima

Unlike Izaya, she has a brilliant relationship with her younger twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi. Her martial arts skills are greater than even theirs, and so, she has spent a good amount of time teaching them and they have a sort of "sisterly" bond that Izaya would never understand. They look up to Kanra as a role-model (unfortunately) and instead of selling her off like they would do to Izaya, they would have no hesitation in standing up for her.

Why do you think you should portray the character?:
I've been roleplaying for about seven years now. Of course I haven't always been Kanra! I've been many different characters throughout my experience! I also studied for many years in the field of roleplay fighting and combat, so I know how to put up a GOOD fight! ;3 I began roleplaying Kanra about eight or so months ago when a friend of mine requested it of me - she wanted to roleplay Shizuko! But instead of calling Izaya's genderbent Kanra, she used another popular name, hence the name I use now - Zaya Orihara. I have a lot of confidence in my roleplay skills, but I'm always open to learning! I feel as though I've mastered Kanra and I hope you guys all approve too! :3 Thanks~

Sample Roleplay:
It was far past nightfall in Shinjuku, the cars and bustling city life had all settled down for a night's rest. But such a habit was much too human...too normal, for an underground broker to pay any allegiance to. Kanra sat in her office, facing the open window to observe the silent streets below her. Upon her knees rested her elbows, and upon her folded hands rested her chin. Her crimson eyes remained dull and void of emotion until she caught the flicker of a short blade in an alley, so many feet below her. A fox grin stretched across her face and a devious light blazed silently in her eyes.

She thought to herself. 'So it finally begins... My plot is pulling together beautifully... This city is about to get much more entertaining than before~' She let loose a quiet, devilish chuckle, being careful not to wake her sleeping brother.

In a single delicate movement, she stood up from her chair and pivoted clockwise on her right heel, coming face to face with the black and red chessboard she held so dear. She picked up one of the black chess pawns and held it up to the moonlight, staring at it for a few moments in adoration before her smirk sent it to a new space on the board.

This time she spoke aloud, though softly. "My darling little humans~ You make the most exquisite pawns imaginable..." And with that, she slipped on her jacket and exited the room.

So there you go! This is what I am expecting from canon applications. Please do your best.
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Sample Canon Application
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