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 Canon Character Applications

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Zaya Orihara
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Canon Character Applications  Empty
PostSubject: Canon Character Applications    Canon Character Applications  EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 7:20 pm

Canon Character Applications

Canon character applications are much more serious than original character applications. They must be filled out more thoroughly in complete paragraph format. Submitting a canon appliction means that you are pledging to portray the character accurately and honestly, be an active member, and follow the rules. Canon's will be given based on roleplay ability and character accuracy. The better your application, the better chance of you earning that canon role.

Canon applications should be copied and pasted into a PM and sent to the admin for approval. You will receive a reply telling whether or not you have been given your desired role. If you do not receive your desired character, you can try for another. But remember that you are only allowed one canon role.

Here is the Canon Application Template:

Be sure to check the canon character list often to see what canon characters have been taken.
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Canon Character Applications
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