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 Original Character Applications

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Zaya Orihara
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Original Character Applications  Empty
PostSubject: Original Character Applications    Original Character Applications  EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 6:31 pm

Original Character Applications

Now that you've read the rules, you're ready to make your first character application! Every user is allowed up to three original characters. For each character, you must use a different color of text when roleplaying them. Also, use these colors to list your characters in your signature. That way, when you roleplay, the other roleplayers will know which characters you are using.

To submit a character application, copy and paste the form below into a new topic in the Character Submissions folder. Title your post something like: 'Ayumu Orihara's character needs approval'. When you fill out the template, be precise and detailed. Other than simple details like name, age, etc., your character description should be in paragraph format.

Here is the template:

You may add other parts to your application but what is there, unless labeled optional, is required. If your character belongs to a gang, please consult the corresponding gang leader to whether or not you are allowed to join. Once the admin approves your character, you are free to roleplay.

Note: You must submit a different character application for every character you wish to roleplay with. Your limit for characters is three.
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Original Character Applications
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