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The shadows of the city exist as our cover. We bear the black bandanna. We seek harmony in this troubled universe, however it must be reached. We are the Black Tails.
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 Sample OC Application

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Zaya Orihara
Zaya Orihara

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Sample OC Application Empty
PostSubject: Sample OC Application   Sample OC Application EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 12:31 am

Here Is A Sample Original Character Application

Quote :
Name: Izaya Orihara
Age: 21 forever~ [real age 23]
Birthday: May 4
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Izaya has short black, or dark brown hair. He has fair skin that is kind of pale and maroon eyes. His normal attire is wearing jeans and a long sleeved black V- neck shirt under his signature fur trimmed jacket.
Gang (optional): Dollars and Black Tails
Occupation: Information Broker
What brings them to Japan?: He lives there~ and was born in Japan. xDD [But he walks into Ikebukuo mainly to tick Shizuo off~]
Other (optional): "I love humans~ and I'm certain they all love and adore me, too~"
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Sample OC Application
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