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 Psychedelic Dreams Canon Profile

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Shizuko Heiwajima

Shizuko Heiwajima

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PostSubject: Psychedelic Dreams Canon Profile   Psychedelic Dreams Canon Profile EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 11:32 am

Canon you're applying for:
Psychedelic Dreams

Physical description of the character:
Physically, he looks exactly like Izaya, but his alternative side. Psyche is Izaya's "innocence, pure, cute" side. This raven also wears an eskimo jacket, but it's all white, as well as his pants and shoes. The jacket has pink buttons on them (I believe there are , and his shoes are white, but the bottom side are pink. He even polished his nails pink. His eyes are a magenta-like color, and always wore headphones of pink and white. He was basically a pink/white Izaya~

Personal description of the character:
Cheerful, innocent, and adorable. Psyche was like an Izaya clone gone wrong. Psyche can sometimes be considered the total opposite of Izaya, but at other times the two can be quite similar. Psyche is innocent in many ways; one way being that he doesn’t always understand particular situations, unintentionally making him seem devious and manipulative. His state of mind and heart can be compared to that of a child’s at times. He’s clingy, flamboyant, loud, and can be somewhat obnoxious. Psyche can be outgoing, but at times very timid. Sudden movements and loud noises startle him and he is absolutely horrified of most humans, but even more horrified of being alone.

Why do you think you should portray the character?:
I believe I should portray the character for many odd reasons lol. One, is that even though I'm an 18 year old, young adult, everyone knows I act like I'm still 15-17. I still feel like a kid inside, and I can never help it but be all hyper, outgoing, how Brii (Shizuko) sees me. I love Izaya rps more than being a Shizuo (trust me, I tried, but I don't see myself as a full-fledged dominant). I too hate being alone, I always want attention, I don't know if I have ADD, but maybe.. So, yep, I am hyper, just talk to me, and we can be friends in a day, no doubt~

Sample Roleplay:
Psyche was alone in the Informant's apartment, there was nothing to do over there. Ever since Izaya left the apartment, he strictly forbidded Psyche to even lay a hand on any paperworks that were around the room. It was quite trashy in there, and the pink raven was extremely bored. "Ah... so boring!~" The male exclaimed as he layed on his back on the floor, staring blankly towards the ceiling, wishing there was something he could do to pass the time. He slowly sat up and huffed out a breath, before speaking to himself. "Hmm.. what to do, what to do.." His eyes gazed around the room, for something interesting to do.

Suddenly, he noticed a CD player in the living room just in the other room. He loved music dearly, without hesitiating, he stood up and shuffled his feet towards the CD player. He blinked afew times as he stared at the buttons ontop of the system. He was quite baffled and wasn't used to the electronics here. "Ah.. maybe this is the one." He said, as he pressed a button. Biing The CD holder popped out of the system. Sure, it wasn't a big deal, but Psyche thought worse. "Oh no! I-I broke it!" His eyes began to tear up, he was trembling in fear. What would happen if Izaya saw it open? He was told not to touch anything. 

A CD was ontop of it, he thought if he pushed the tray back inside, maybe it would work again. Psyche rushed into the kitchen and grabbed mittens, putting them on, he rushed back and thought for a moment on how to push it back inside. "H-Here we go." The pink male spoke quietly, pushing the tray back inside. Vrrm.. The tray went back in so simply. In the next mooment, it began playing pop music. At first, the raven shrugged from the sudden noise, since he was surrounded by silence for an hour or so. But, he thought, it's... only music..? He smiled brightly, thinking he had accomplished something.

"Yayy~! I fixed the machine!!" He hopped up and down with joy, and began to do a victory dance. Just as he was dancing by himself, he heard a knock on the door. "Psyche? What's going on there?.." It was Izaya! Psyche had to open the door for his cousin afterall, so as he opened it, he looked at the Informant as the other walked in and smiled. "Oh.. I was.. just listening to music. ^^" He said, not even mentioning about the mittens behind his back.

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Shizuko Heiwajima

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Psychedelic Dreams Canon Profile
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