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 Shizuko Heiwajima Canon Profile

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PostSubject: Shizuko Heiwajima Canon Profile   Shizuko Heiwajima Canon Profile EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 4:04 pm

Shizuko Heiwajima
Quote :
Canon you're applying for: Shizuko Heiwajima

Physical description of the character: Shizuko is the female twin of Shizuo. Her eyes are honey colored and more feminine. She has high cheekbones, a creamy complexion and full pink lips. She is tall, like Shizuo, and has a nice full body. Her hair is bright blonde and flows into nice waves that go down to her waist.

Shizuko's attire is more feminine. She wears a female bartender's uniform which is a white undershirt, black vest and a mid-thigh black skirt. She wears pantyhose and black pumps. She also has a pair of blue violet sunglasses that she wears when she works.

As for accessories, Shizuko doesn't have anything major other than her sunglasses. 

Personal description of the character: Shizuko is a bit more emotional than Shizuo as most women are. She harbors hatred for both Izaya Orihara and Zaya Orihara though she hates Zaya much more and just dislikes Izaya.

Shizuko also possesses her brother's strength as she is always seen chunking bus signs at Zaya[or anything she can get her hands on] Shizuko also is protective but is more easily short-tempered than Shizuo for being a woman. She keeps her emotions bottled up but she is more straight forward than Shizuo with her feelings.
Shizuko also likes to smoke as it is a stress reducer for her.

Why should you portray the character: I have not been role playing for very long but apparently, when I do roleplay, my skills are quite scary. As of now, I rp as Ciel Phantomhive, Delic Heiwajima, Kururi Orihara, Russia and a few OC's that I created. I am entirely convinced that I have multiple personalities for when I roleplay I feel as if the character is a part of me. Also -cough- Zaya-chan wants me to be her Shizuko;3 -cough- xD

Sample Roleplay:

Dammit. This whole place smells like shit, Shizuko thought as she was waiting for the massive crowds of Ikebukuro to move. She was just returning from a stressful day of work. The crowd finally moved and Shizuko walked with her hands in her pockets. She wrinkled her nose again. Smells like more shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT! Why is that!? She growled thinking and then she heard the voice of her nemesis: Zaya Orihara.

"ZAAAAAAAYAAAAAA!!!!! Stay out of Ikebukuro!" She screamed as she chunked a trash can at the raven haired girl. The chase had begun.

Shizuko chased Zaya but so that she had lost the fleaette. Shizuko cursed under her breath as she said,"I'm always getting better! Every damn time I fight you, every damn time I fight some other scum! And soon enough, you'll be good as dead, Zaya Orihara! I swear it!"

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Shizuko Heiwajima Canon Profile
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