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 Linda Linda Canon Profile

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Linda Linda Canon Profile  Empty
PostSubject: Linda Linda Canon Profile    Linda Linda Canon Profile  EmptyWed Jan 25, 2012 10:32 pm

Linda Linda Kida
Quote :
Canon you're applying for:
I’m applying for the role of Linda Linda Kida~

Physical description of the character:
Linda’s appearance is similar to that of Masaomi’s. He has bright yellow hair that’s Identical to Kida’s, with bright yellow eyes to match. He wears a white jacket with accessories including:
Two button snap fabric pieces(bright yellow snaps) on each shoulder of his coat.
A belt that runs through white belt loops at the bottom of his jacket. (the belt has a bright yellow buckle on one end, and is left undone)
Linda’s jacket is usually left open to reveal his shirt.
Linda’s shirt is bright yellow as well. On the front of Linda’s shirt are two arrows, both black and running from a little away from the neck of his shirt to stopping about an inch before the hem of it. The first arrow points upwards while the second points downward, the arrows are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart.
Linda wears white jeans, with a small gold/bright yellow chain attached to the right pocket. (both ends are attached to the pocket)
Linda wears black knee-high platform boots. (the boots are plain)
Linda usually has his nails painted bright yellow to match his outfit.

Personal description of the character:
Since Linda-chan is an alt, this section will be filled with my head canons.
I believe that Linda is a very bubbly and cheerful person, like Psyche. I think that even if he’s upset that he’ll at least try to fake his happiness around others, but if they ask then he’ll unload on them. Inside, I think that Linda is more vulnerable and lonely than he would ever let anyone see, which leads me to believe that Linda has a fear of being alone. Deep down inside, Linda yearns for the touch and affection of a lover, even if it doesn’t seem to be so.
I think that Linda can be flirtatious and crack innuendos from time to time, though I believe him not to be a full blown playboy like Delic or Kida.
I propose that Linda is the eldest of Gakuen and Toki, being about 16 years of age. When it comes to music I think that Linda is a great singer, but is even more gifted in the instrumental section.
I think that he knows how to play a very wide range of instruments, including: Piano, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard/synthesizer, and harmonica as well as the trumpet.
I think Linda has a broad taste in music as well, and pretty much likes/sings anything that catches his fancy.
P.S. Linda can become oblivious to the real world when he’s in a Jam session with Psyche or Delic.~

Why do you think you should portray the character?:
I believe that I should portray Linda because I just love him to death! I think he’s such a fun character to play and deal with, and I have a strong dedication to him. I think I’ll be able to portray Linda very well, and have lots of fun doing so.

Sample Roleplay:
Linda sighed, sitting upright in his bed.
The house was utterly silent and he was thoroughly bored, he wasn’t used to Gakuen and Toki being so quiet in their shared house. Honestly, he was starting to get rather suspicious.

The neon yellow haired teen jumped out of bed without a second thought, his platform boots making a rather loud “clunk!” on the floor. After a bit of contemplating, Linda decided to go to Gakuen’s room first.

“Gakuen-kun!!!!” Linda booted the poor door open with a boot bottom.

“…Huh?” The flamboyant teen blinked, foot still in the air as his eyes were met with an empty room.

“Hmm, I’ll just go to Toki-chan’s room then.” The yellow eyed male pivoted on his grounded foot, trudging off to Toki’s quarters.

The yellow haired’s boots repeatedly clunked on the tile floor, echoing through the deathly silent halls as he finally reached his destination.

“Toki-chan?” Linda peered his head through the doorway.

Again, he was met by an empty room.

‘No, no no no no…”

The teen shook as he felt an all to familiar sensation crawl up his spine, his skin starting to form beads of cold sweat droplets as he frantically rushed through the house, checking every room in their spacious dwelling for his friends. All to quickly he started to realize that he was indeed alone , and unwanted tears began to swell in the corners of his neon yellow eyes.

“Linda?” A voice called from the front door, which Linda recognized immediately.

“Gakuen!” The teen couldn’t have ran faster to his dearest friend as he enveloped him in a constricting hug.

“Linda-kun, are you okay? You’re shaking…” Gakuen leisurely wrapped his arms around the shaken male.

“I’m…” The Gold eyed teen took a minute to stop shaking and compose himself, blinking away tears. “Fine! Just fine Gakuen-kun!"
As if to prove his point Linda stepped away from the ravenette and spun around enthusiastically, striking a pose at the end and giving him a wink.

“If you say so Linda-chan, will you help me with the groceries?” Gakuen motioned to his arms full of brown paper bags as best he could.

“Sure, anything to help Gakuen-kun!” The yellow haired teen scooped half of the bags from the other as he began to run down the hallway.

“Last one to the kitchen has to make dinner!” He called down the hallway, already half-way there.

“H-hey! That’s not fair Linda-chan!” Gakuen ran after the bubbly teen, spilling his groceries as he did so.

Any links or references you used:
I used nothing but the picture of Linda that I had for my head canon sheet, and the sheet itself. The head canons were of my own creation, while the pic was printed from Deviant art, which I don’t have the link to the exact pic because Asha printed it off for me.

Linda Linda Canon Profile  Lindalinda_by_appluscent-d4lfcnv
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Linda Linda Canon Profile
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